evoo ag provides qualified sensory olive oil analyses. The organoleptic profile of an olive oil is an essential factor in assessing and determining the quality of the product. 

In order for olive oils labelled as extra virgin to be marketed as such, they must comply with strict sensory or organoleptic requirements in accordance with the law in force. There are no less than 21 potential mis-attributes that must not be present in an olive oil declared as extra virgin. Furthermore, virgin olive oils must have a fruitiness. The testing body of evoo ag is considered very strict and correct. Olive oils evaluated by evoo ag as "extra virgin" are considered good to very good olive oils. Olive oils evaluated as "virgin" are considered average olive oils and olive oils evaluated as "lampant" are considered inedible olive oils that cannot be marketed. The performance of many panel tests offered by laboratories and institutions is insufficient, as numerous studies have already shown. This is also the case with a study published on 26 July 2017 in the Journal Chemical and Biological Technologies in Agriculture, which evaluated the quality of olive oil analyses. While sensory olive oil analyses cost between 50 and 180 Euros in producer countries, evoo ag offers sensory analysis for 150 Swiss Francs and thus lies below the reference value of the Swiss Olive Oil Panel of the ZHAW, which offers sensory analysis for 350 Swiss Francs. 


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*Die Analyse von Werbematerial und Ähnlichem wird mit einem Stundensatz von CHF 280.00, exkl. 7.7 % MwSt. in Rechnung gestellt.

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