On evoo.expert you will find some of the world's best olive oils for sale. In addition to famous classics such as Franci, Oro Bailén, Viola, Casas de Hualdo and Co. we also occasionally stock great new discoveries, rarities and extremely exclusive oils.

All olive oils on offer are selected by the olive oil expert Silvan Brun, who is a guarantee of the quality of the olive oil drops listed here. More than 2'000 batches of olive oil are tasted by Silvan Brun every year. The best of it is made available to you here at evoo.expert. In this respect, please note that we offer olive oils from the previous year's harvest - even those from major producers - at a significant discount and generally as "Vergine" quality. The age of time continually affects the quality of the olive oil, which is why possible symptoms of "tiredness" cannot be categorically avoided with some of the previous year's oils. From an economic point of view, however, it makes little sense for us to taste remaining stocks for the purposes of quality control, which is why we grade the olive oils from the penultimate harvest a priori downwards in the quality level. Our previous year's oils are safe to consume. For newcomers to olive oil, they even offer a good option for getting rid of often defective supermarket oils. With this special offer we are setting an example against food waste. Do it too.