Since olive oil has been legally regulated in Switzerland in accordance with EU regulations (Ordinance No. 817.022.17 [formerly .105]), olive oil handling has become more complex for bulk consumers. Precise quality requirements for the various types of olive oil confront the responsible purchasing specialists in the olive oil procurement process with new challenges. Field tests have shown consistently that only a small fraction of what is sold on the market as extra virgin olive oil actually complies with this first quality grade.

And yet, especially with regard to health aspects, first-class olive oil is an important raw material for hospital and clinic kitchens. Its ideal fatty acid profile (predominantly 18:1 [ω-9]) combined with a large portion of secondary plant compounds (polyphenols and other unsaponifiable fractions) make extra virgin olive oil the ideal choice for both cold and hot use in hospital or clinic kitchens.

The Competence Center for Olive Oil evoo ag in Sempach Station specialises in providing purchasing specialists, cooks and chefs in hospital and clinic kitchens with comprehensive expertise on olive oil and providing them with corresponding product solutions.


evoo ag vouches with its name for the complete traceability and quality of the products as well as for its unique services.



  • Olive oil polyphenols protect lipoproteins from oxidative stress (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 432/2012 of 16 May 2012)